Specialists in digital media buying, with over 20 years experience

Our media buying team use AI and machine learning to target, manage and grow audience buys

Global Audience segment targeting


We specialise in building campaigns to target audience buys in real-time. We have API connections directly into Google, (GDN) Facebook, Outbrain and BING Ads with heavy amounts of data to allow machine learning to drive strategic value for any digital campaign.

Solutions for Advertisers

Identify audience insights in real time – and tailor your offering effortlessly

Our sophisticated tools help you harness and make sense of online user data to reach the right user at the right moment

Our machine learning algorithms analyse ads effectiveness in realtime, tailoring our bid strategy to meet your goals

Allowing you to access your target audience at the best possible price, to achieve your marketing objectives.

Media Buying Solutions

Discover how our media buying strategies and data helps you target and engage your audience online

Understand Your Audience Better

Effortlessly combine content and behavioural insights to understand and anticipate your audience needs

Find The Right User Faster

Identify the right users, in the right environments – at the best possible price 

Scale Your Results More Easily

Scale your user aquisition and ROAS without compromising your cost goals

Media Buying & Analytics Supercharged

Mosaic is powered by Ingenia – Retechnica’s patented analytics engine designed to solve challenges in dealing with large scale digital analytics, and user generated data. Our solutions are fully customisable and scalable.


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